Exquisite Corpse: Chicago Book Expo 2017

If I had known you weren’t going to hold onto the stroller, I wouldn’t have gone up the escalator with my baby. Now all these people are staring. I’m certain I ate all my boogers. Fly the friendly skies. There will be another day to take that risk, but you’ll want to act today. The verbal act, the verb, that is to act! Emancipate, eradicate, enunciate. These are fun verbs! Verbs are fun… take them and run to the hills, youngblood. Run for your life.

Decay in darkness burned to a crisp. She waited too long and the cereal was goner than bell-bottom jeans in the ’80s were nothing compared to the man who walked in the bar wearing a kilt. Who knows what he had seen. Perhaps more than us all.

I had no way of knowing.

And the light fell on my face harsher than the storm. I braced myself against the wind and looked out towards the approaching figure. My finger fiddled with the rings on my left hand nervously.

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