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A German submarine surfaced
near a British Merchant Marine
unarmed ship.  The coal smoke tapered
from its four stacks as the engines
cut back on propulsive power.

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His love-talk’s a sinning thing, a gutting. He thinks he can midnight express us both to Nashville and the clubs where the saxophone players and piano men are jazzing my songs.

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I think too often of my childhood, of near homelessness and the feel of a belt buckle on my back and thighs, and the hopelessness of feeling the person I love slipping quite literally through my hands. I do not like these things but the thought of them persists despite my preferences.

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It is strange to feel so constantly
the liquefaction of your own heart,

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Something is not right about the way you
look, he said, adjusting my collar, his
hands straightening my part a little, […]

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Twice in Jaipur and once in Delhi,
female security officers grabbed
my hand, spread the fingers, incredulous
at the wedding mehendi. Startling, right?

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I have one of you sitting
in my throat like a pigeon.
Dirty birds—

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Last night I was a whore
at the seedy poetry brothel
where men and women bought
my time with poker chips. […]

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thirty years later the photo stares out
captured in memory’s spider perfect web
the message    a whisper     something
not to be said […]

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Your first name and initial: Donald R. It’s only fair he come first in money matters. He makes more. I am spouse’s first name and initial: Lorna, after an almost forgotten novel, and E.

Last names are different. Half-hearted feminism, keeping one’s father’s name and giving the kids their father’s. “Is that what you go by?” asked the bank teller, as if it were an alias. No, it’s my name. For better or worse.

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Y:         You are haunted by ‘Y,’ not because it’s the first letter in your
Family name, but because it’s like a horn, which the water buffalo in your
Native village uses to fight against injustice […]

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